Now on their seventh album, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club are out on tour with Specter At The Feast. I've been a fan of them since their debut album in 2001, B.R.M.C... hard to believe it's been that long since that record.

When we heard they were coming to Austin to play Psych Fest this year we wasted no time reaching out to see if there was a way we could do a Transistor Six feature with them. We worked previously with their tourmates Band of Skulls and forwarded on our work. Happy to say they didn't hate it and agreed to let us shoot some Lomography photos and make a film for them. They also signed some vinyl for us as well which we are happy to be giving away as part of this feature.

Regarding the "Hate The Taste" film, our director Sean came up with the concept to have a force field encapsulating the band in the 60's while the modern day audience outside were digital. Half of us were out there filming on 50 year old Super 8 cameras and the other half were shooting on digital cameras. It's fun to show a bit of tension between the two formats. We are always looking to push the boundaries a bit with photos and films and we were really psyched to be able to do that with one of our favorite bands.

You should also pick up their latest album Specter At The Feast at your local record store. You really should try and get the vinyl if you can, it's worth it and the packaging is really great. Just incase you don't have a local record store you can get yours here:

Included in this B.R.M.C. series are some Stereophonic images where we taped two LC-A+ cameras together and took stereo shots of the band. To see it in stereo / 3D here's what you have to do. Gaze at the stereo pair, keeping your eyes level (don't tilt your head left or right), and cross your eyes slightly. Try to cross your eyes slowly, so that the two images in the center come together. When they converge or fuse, you will see them as a single 3D image.

About the Photos:

What you see on these shots has not been edited in any way and is just how it is on the film negative. These are some of my favorite shots in the entire Transistor Six series, so happy it was with B.R.M.C.

If you have questions about shots you can direct them to . We will feature some of them on our Facebook pages with answers. Please be specific about the photo in question and we will try to get back to you.

Producers: Cory Llewellyn, Daniel Northcutt, Christopher Morse
Director: Sean Schiavolin
Cameras: Christopher Morse, Leonora Colen, Clint Beckwith, Steve Conn, Sean Schiavolin
Aerials: Spencer Peeples
Editor: Clint Beckwith
Motion Graphics: Clint Beckwith
Color: Daniel Stuyck
Photos: Cory Llewellyn
Words: Cory Llewellyn
Website & App: David Peris
Special Thanks: Alta Real Pictures, Psych Fest