When we first listened to the Dead Black Hearts we were immediately taken by their catchy melodic sound. We got their new CD 'The Southern Front' and gave it a spin on the Hi Fi. We were drawn to the anthemic "How to Win an Argument" as well as the Galaxie 500 feel of "Spit Shine". "Postcard from Somewhere Cold" and "5 to 9" we also repeat tracks that had been bouncing around in our heads as we went about our day.

When we went to film the show at Frank in Austin TX, we had high hopes for the evening, as well as some 40 year old Super 8 cameras, a backpack of assorted Lomo cameras and a great band to use them on. All we needed was some wood paneling on the walls and a plastic covered couch to bring the 70’s mood into full swing. Analog was in the house that night and people were, well, … people were drinking a lot and not paying us much notice because after all they were here to see their favorite band Dead Black Hearts.

Two of our camera's went down during this shoot as 40 year old cameras tend to do, and it felt like that scene at the end of Star Wars IV when they were going in to blow up the death star. We had to accomplish shooting two songs & changing film cartridges under the pressure of Camera's going down live, someone would yell, "Camera Down" and we would say to the remaining operators filming. "STAY ON TARGET...STAY ON TARGET". We are looking forward to seeing a lot more of the Dead Black Hearts and while we are talking about them, be sure to pick up their new release "The Southern Front" here.