Gemma Ray

Haunting, retro and wonderfully stylish, Gemma Ray is back with a new album called Down Baby Down. Her music goes well with Bourbon, High Risk Situations and Quentin Tarantino films. We highly recommend it, so before you even finish this story get it here:

When we met Gemma and her band last year they came into our favorite Hotdog and Whisky joint, Frank. It was in the middle of the SXSW chaos and heat lugging a seriously massive old school wooden organ you would find in a church located somewhere in the deep south. A sweet voice comes up behind me and says, "Mind giving me a hand with this?" and the next thing I know Gemma and I are lifting this organ onto the stage, she was handling her side remarkably, I, on the other hand was straining not to fall over.

She could have just come in with a small portable set up but that wouldn't have been the real deal, and let me say right now Gemma Ray is the real deal. From the velvet voice to the butcher knife she has wedged in her Gretsch hallow body guitar. We were all mesmerized the minute she and her band started playing.

The other thing that impressed us was her unusual choice in cover tracks. The Super 8 film below is her version of Mudhoney.s "Touch Me I'm Sick." which you can find on her covers album, It's a Shame about Gemma Ray which is a great title tie in with the Lemonheads 1992 album It's a Shame about Ray. You can get this album at your local record shop or if you don't have a record shop you can get it here:


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