We had no idea what to expect when Glynn our booking and production genius came in and said, "How about we have Girl in a Coma come in a do a Transistor 6 Session?". I knew Girl in a Coma from my friends around town and also from the time they played Waterloo Records and had a line around the block. Calling them Local Hero's would be an understatement. We all said sure let's do it, they had a natural love for analog film as seen in their video for "Smart" - http://bit.ly/NaQ7cs

We really had no idea the kind of crowd that would surface for an unannounced surprise weekday gig at Frank http://bit.ly/MYTxx1 but we can say that it was the largest turnout we had to date. There was a line out the door and around the block and when Jenn, Nina and Phanie hit the stage you couldn'.t help but feel the connection with everyone singing the words to all the songs. We even got an amazing rendition of "Walking After Midnight" which you can hear as a bonus on the Girl In A Coma T6 Facebook page we created here: http://on.fb.me/MBMSge

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