Andy, Harris, Eric and Joey are the Henry Clay People. We shot this Transistor Six session with them at Frank in Austin Texas during SXSW 2012, it was a day time gig which is usually not that much fun (for the bands who are out all night) but the performance was amazing. For me personally, the energy & sound reminded me a little of one of my all time favorite bands, The Replacements. The film we shot on Super 8 was for the track "Anymore or Anyless" and session tracks included; "The Fakers", "Every Band We Ever Loved", "Those Who Know Better" and others which you can check out to the right of the page here.

We also have the two HCP bonus tracks "Two Lives At The End Of The Night" and "Backseat of a Cab" that are only available on our T6 Facebook page. Check them out and please share them with your friends!

Their latest album is called Twenty-Five for the Rest of Our Lives and it's an amazing collection of melodic jams that we seem to keep playing over and over again in the T6 headquarters here in Austin. Take our advice and pick up a copy at your local record store (if you have one) if not you can get it here:


Be sure to check out the Henry Clay People bonus session tracks "Two Lives At The End Of The Night" and "Backseat of a Cab" on our Facebook page!

Check out the gear we used and if you have questions about shots you can direct them to . We will feature some of them on our Facebook pages with answers. Please be specific about the photo in question and we will try to get back to you.