During SXSW 2012 we had the pleasure of having Hollis Brown come in to do a set for us. The have a new album that just came out on 3/5/13 called Ride On The Train which we love and you can pick up at your local record store. If you don't have a local record store you can get the album here. If you don't know Hollis Brown the best single word description we can give you is Timeless. The sound and storytelling in their lyrics are not only relatable but also quite revealing and sincere. The tracks from Ride On The Train could have been recorded in the 60's or 70's and stand up as strong today as they would have back then. This was by far one of the best performances we had the pleasure of experiencing and we wish them the best of luck as they continue to set the example and raise the bar.

BONUS TRACK! Be sure to check out the Hollis Brown bonus Session tracks "On the Beach" and "Don't Wanna Miss You" on our Facebook page!

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