Well, SXSW is fast approaching again this year, and when thinking about memorable moments from last year's events Sea Wolf comes to mind. We had the opportunity to make a film and record a live track with Alex Brown Church (Sea Wolf) at Austin's Central Presbyterian Church along with our friends at Dangerbird Records.

This film has been a long time in the making and as we approach the beginning of SXSW it's great to look back and relive it. Part of the film has footage we shot on the Santa Monica pier as well as a sunset in Malibu. We also got to experiment with Lomography's Lomokino hand-crank 35mm film camera, which came out beautifully.

The track "Priscilla" comes off of the Sea Wolf album Old World Romance which you can pick up at your local record shop or digitally here: http://bit.ly/oldworldromance

About the Photos:

Check out the gear we used and if you have questions about shots you can direct them to questions@transistorsix.com . We will feature some of them on our Facebook pages with answers. Please be specific about the photo in question and we will try to get back to you.

Produced By: Cory Llewellyn & Daniel Northcutt
Camera Crew: Christopher Morse, Sean Schiavolin, Rachael Stuckey, Clint Beckwith, Cory Llewellyn, Steve Conn & Glenn Cocco, Marc Hall
Edited by: Sean Schiavolin & Christopher Morse
Colored by: Sean Schiavolin
Audio Engineering and Mixing: Matt Howard

Website & App: David Peris
Words & Photos: Cory Llewellyn