I'm so happy we're getting to feature The Black Angels this month. All of us here at Transistor Six have been fans of the Austin based Psych-Rock band for a long time. When we had the chance of proposing a visual concept to the band we knew we wanted to do something totally different and 3-D was the way we wanted to go. Transistor Six is all about the love of analog, but more importantly, we have a love for nostalgic elements of the past like 3-D. Lucky for us two major stars aligned to make this happen.

First, The Black Angels were in the last days of rehearsal for their upcoming 'Indigo Meadow' tour and they gave us a window of time to come in and shoot.

Second, our friends in Germany at Trivido happen to be in town when we were looking make this. For those that don't know, Trivido is an amazing 3D Internet Video platform for streaming and viewing 3-D video on the web and no one does it better in our opinion.

Wanted to also mention the beautiful gatefold vinyl edition of Indigo Meadow which comes with a full color art & lyric book inside. The sound quality is superior and overall they did a great job at putting together a fantastic piece of sonic and visual art. You really should go over to your local record store and treat yourself to one of you still have a record store.

If not here's a link to Amazon for the 180G Vinyl: http://amzn.to/1hnewKI

About the Photos:

Check out the gear we used and if you have questions about shots you can direct them to questions@transistorsix.com . We will feature some of them on our Facebook pages with answers. Please be specific about the photo in question and we will try to get back to you.

Produced By: Daniel Northcutt, Cory Llewellyn, Christopher Morse and MediLive
Directed By: Karlheinz Gelhardt and Christopher Morse
Camera Crew: Karlheinz Gelhardt, Jonas Gelhardt, Sean Schiavolin & Christopher Morse
Editing and Color: Thomas Kreissl

Website & App: David Peris
Words & Photos: Cory Llewellyn