Way back in the beginning of Transistor Six we filmed UME. Somehow our recording efforts failed us that night and we had to re-record the event. It's taken some time but as they say, all good things come to those who wait. UME were promoting their Phantoms release when we put this out and have since rolled out a Kickstarter campaign that got them almost 400 backers and over $20,000 to make a new record. Really looking forward to hearing what comes next. If you don't have it you should grab yourself a copy of Phantoms at your local Record shop, or just go to iTunes here and download it. http://bit.ly/1cavNWz

Lauren Larson, Eric Larson and Rachel Fuhrer, are the three-piece force of nature that make up UME. Lauren fronts the band singing lead vocal and playing (shredding) guitar. Eric is on bass and Rachel is on drums. If you live in Austin or are visiting soon make sure to look them up and see if they are playing.

The film below is for the song "Dancing Blind" which was filmed on Super 8 and the photos are a mix of pictures we shot, and the band shot while on a trip to Las Vegas.

About the Photos:

If you have questions about shots you can direct them to questions@transistorsix.com . We will feature some of them on our Facebook pages with answers. Please be specific about the photo in question and we will try to get back to you.

Producers: Cory Llewellyn, Daniel Northcutt
Director: Sean Schiavolin and Christopher Morse
Camera Crew: Sean Schiavolin, John Williams, Christopher Morse, Rachael Stuckey
Editing Assistant: Marc Hall
Audio Engineering and Mixing: Media Tech / Ford Hook / Matt Howard
Photos: Cory Llewellyn and Cameron Russell
Words: Cory Llewellyn
Website & App: David Peris