White Arrows are out supporting their new release Dry Land Is Not A Myth which you really need to check out. (http://amzn.to/M8EGkn) We caught them on road a while back at Red 7 in Austin and loved Mickey's melodic vocals and Steven's heavy bass vibe that reminded us a little of Miike Snow and Vampire Weekend but put together in a really fun sort of way. We really enjoyed their cover of Springsteen's "I'm on Fire" which when covered by White Arrows puts a sort of dreamy astro-pop spin on the track.

We all went out to eat at our favorite Hot Dog and Booze joint, Frank before the show. It's always great getting to sit down and talk a bit before filming and photographing a band. It always helps in connecting, and somehow you usually find out you have something in common outside of Music.

With White Arrows who are from Silverlake in Los Angeles we found out we have many of the same friends. They told us about some of the upgrades they hope to achieve on the road touring. One of those upgrades was this; "When we get enough of a following it would be great to upgrade from the RV to a Bus. Maybe even a Bus with a "grinder" in the bathroom so you can do all your business and not have to pull over to random gas stations in the middle of nowhere".

As we dream out loud to each other while eating Hotdogs named "The Notorious PIG" and the "Jackalope" with chili cheese waffle fries (http://bit.ly/RlYWRK) we find a strange connection that has us leaving more friends than guys wanting to do a session. We look forward to seeing more of White Arrows in the future and wish them luck on getting that dream bus with the bathroom grinder.

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